Peter Kropotkin, that Gentle Bearded Animal

Kropotkin-eller-kaos22 - copia
By Kris Forkasiewicz Peter Kropotkin’s birthday on December 21* (1842) calls for a few words about the man. It is especially so since, though Kropotkin is acclaimed (if not necessarily well-understood) in anarchist circles, he is insufficiently appreciated in context of animalist struggles. Building solidarity...
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ICAS Oceania Conference (April 26-27) Call for Papers

Oceania Critical Animal Studies are now calling for papers (activist and academic) for their upcoming conference. The event is set to be held in Melbourne, April 26-27, 2014. The organizers state that “[i]f you are interested in fostering holistic, intersectional social justice spaces and promoting...
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Nelson Mandela: Heritage against Oppression?

40 years and a day after the murder of Fred Hampton, another figure in black liberation–one of world stature and fame–dies. Nelson Mandela, 95, known as one-time anti-apartheid revolutionary, President of the African National Congress (1991-1997), and President of South Africa (1994-1999), passed away on December...
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25th Peace Studies Conference in NYC, Dec 7, 2013

Peace Studies Conference
Peace Action Binghamton University will be hosting the 25th Annual CNY Peace Studies Conference! Join us for a day of panelists presenting and discussing issues surrounding the academia of peace activism. The theme will be “Security, Surveillance, and US Imperialism.” Organizations from on- and off-campus...
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Stop Vivisection in the EU Zone

It’s time to bring things up to speed with the European initiative to stop vivisection in the EU. Granted, the matter is complex; oppression likes to traverse state borders and petition signing is quasi-activism at best. Still, be sure to go to, read about the...
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Support Marie Mason Through her Jail Time

Yesterday was a US-wide call-in day for the moving of imprisoned activist Marie Mason from a high- to a low-security prison. Mason is a victim of the Green Scare, the process by which activists are labeled–both legally and by the media–as terrorists on a platform...
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Karlsruhe ICAS Europe Conference Program Announced

The organizers of the ICAS Europe in Karlsruhe (Nov 28-30) have announced the program for the event. The broad topics taken up in presentations, roundtable discussions, film viewings, and plenary talks will include contintental and literary perspectives on critical animal studies, human dominance, critical treatment...
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ICAS Conference in Karlsruhe, Germany in November

Gather up, ICAS people! A conference of European ICAS hits Karlsruhe November 28-30. Lined up for the town’s Institute of Technology/Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (KIT/ITAS) are numerous impassioned speakers. In line with the host institution’s profie, many of them will be discussion the...
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ICAS Activist Carolyn Drew on Freedom of Species

Freedom of Species
  This Sunday, August 18, ICAS activist Carolyn Drew is being interviewed on the Melbourne-based radio show, Freedom of Species. She will discuss the annual killing of kangaroos mandated by the Australian government, and the movement tactics needed to stop it. Be sure to tune...
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ICAS Africa Conference Coming Up

The first African ICAS conference is set for the 31st of August and 1st of September at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. The two-day conference will focus on the intersections between critical animal studies and other academic fields. Scholars, activists, interest groups,...
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