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New Publication – Animals in Schools


From ICAS’s Co-Senior Editor of the Critical Animal Studies Book Series, Helena Pedersen comes, “Animals in Schools: Processes and Strategies in Human-Animal Education” an outstanding and pivotal short 128 page easy publication to read. Pedersen opens the book with a detailed analysis of critical animal studies, with a strong intersectional analysis from Marx to feminism. The book challenges the false social constructed binary of humans and animals and demands society be more critical and aware of human domination through acts of colonialism and global capitalism.

Animals in Schools explores important questions in the field of critical animal studies and education by close examination of a wide range of educational situations and classroom activities. How are human-animal relations expressed and discussed in school? How do teachers and students develop strategies to handle ethical conflicts arising from the ascribed position of animals as accessible to human control, use, and killing? How do schools deal with topics such as zoos, hunting, and meat consumption? These are questions that have profound implications for education and society. They are graphically described, discussed, and rendered problematic based on detailed ethnographic research and are analyzed by means of a synthesis of perspectives from critical theory, gender, and postcolonial thought. Animals in Schools makes human-animal relations a crucial issue for pedagogical theory and practice.

About the Author

Helena Pedersen, Ph.D. in education, is a researcher at the Center for Gender Research, Uppsala University. Recent and forthcoming works appear in the volumes Social Justice, Peace, Eco-Justice and Interspecies Education Standards: A Transformative Framework for Educators; Farewell to Noah: Transforming Animal encounter in the Twilight of the Zoo; Global Harms. Ecological Crime and Speciesism; and Values and Democracy in Education for Sustainable Development.