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Students Are On The Path To Animal Liberation At Hunter College


While some student-governed animal rights groups are relegated to a second-class status amongst collegiate clubs and organizations, Paths to Animal Liberation (PAL) worked to defy this norm by fulfilling their school’s requirements, policies, and guidelines to be officially recognized.  On the campus of Hunter College, the largest college in the City University of New York (CUNY) system, PAL was successfully deemed a 1st Year Charter Club by their administration, and therefore receives funds of $1,000 annually for their activities.  With official elections and an executive board, PAL not only maintains a validated and legitimized presence on their campus, but they do so with a hard-line vegan message.

Since its inception a mere nine months ago, and with a core membership of only 15 individuals, PAL exemplifies ardent activism as they have organized numerous film screenings, hosted guest speakers, distributed free vegan food samples to students and faculty, conducted public vegan cooking demonstrations, setup outreach tables on an average of twice per month, and cultivated a mailing list of over 200 people.  Most notably, PAL was also able to make incremental changes toward veganizing their campus cafeteria by inclusively educating the appropriate staff members of their needs, delivering a petition of over 300 signatures, persistently initiating all lines of communication, and inevitably succeeding in bringing specifically-labeled vegan meals to the cafeteria three days a week.

In the months to come, PAL seeks to improve the efficacy of their outreach, fully veganize their cafeteria, and increase their presence on campus.  Recently, the group has constructed a facebook page to better disseminate information and is now developing plans to design their own website.  In addition to college funds, PAL also seeks assistance and resources to expand its reach from external sources such as Farm Underground, Mercy For Animals, Win Animal Rights, and the Tri-State Area’s most active animal rights group Friends of Animals United NJ (FAUN) in organizing events, strategizing effective means of animal advocacy, and acquiring relevant outreach media/literature.

To learn more about this group, discover ways you can implement similar strategies, or to simply share ideas and resources, please feel free to contact PAL with the information below.

Contact:           Danielle Amodeo (Founder/President)
Email:               pal.hunter@yahoo.com
Facebook:       http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=158063214208388

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