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ICAS Endorsement of the Marineland Animal Defense Campaign


Profile PictureTo the Public,

The Institute for Critical Animal Studies wishes to endorse the campaign of Marineland Animal Defense (MAD), an activist group that protests the exploitation of animals at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Canada.  A recent investigative series on Marineland in the Toronto Star, in which eight former staff members spoke out about terrible conditions and treatment of animals, has led to an unprecedented outpouring of public support for MAD’s campaign.

Holding seals, walruses, bears, orcas, belugas, dolphins, deer, and other wild animals captive in toxic, isolated, boxed in, unnatural, conditions where they are subject to infections, blindness, boredom, loneliness, and premature death, has made Marineland a long-time target of protesters. Now, with rapidly growing support both locally and internationally the fight against this powerful corporation is moving to a new level. As MAD has stated, the animals should be sent to sanctuaries to live out their lives in peace. Animals are not objects for human profit. Their abuse should not be tolerated.


Board of Directors, Institute for Critical Animal Studies

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