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ICAS Position Statement Against Chick-fil-A


To the Public,

Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy has made his anti-gay agenda abundantly clear by donating more than $5 million to anti-LGBTQIA organizations. Many who read this blog have their gripes against the fast food industry for nonhuman animal and environmental reasons, and now, there is even more cause for outrage and protest. Chick-fil-A has proven itself to be an even more oppressive corporation than we initially thought. Thankfully, the LGBTQIA community is not letting this matter rest. Rather, they are responding with protests, “kiss-ins,” and even invitations to Mr. Cathy to meet families with same-sex parents (invitations that he has not yet accepted). While Chick-fil-A is now staying silent about their anti-gay stance, let’s be grateful that others are not, both for families with same-sex or transgender parents and for today’s youth who fear coming out of the closet due to the type of ideologies and organizations that Dan Cathy supports. Please join us in protesting Chick-fil-A’s homophobic values, ethics, and mission.


Board of Directors, Institute for Critical Animal Studies

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