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JCAS New Issue on Queer Theory is Out – Vol 10, No 3


Vol 10, No 3 (2012)

Special Issue: Queer Theory

Inquiries and Intersections: Queer Theory and Anti-Speciesist Praxis

Table of Contents


Guest Editorial Download
Jennifer Grubbs 4-6


From Beastly Perversions to the Zoological Closet: Animals, Nature, and Homosex Download
Jovian Parry 7-25
Toward a Dark Animal Studies: On Vegetarian Vampires, Beautiful Souls, and Becoming- Vegan Download
James K Stanescu 26-50
A Queer Vegan Manifesto Download
Rasmus R Simonsen 51-80
Operation Splash Back!: Queering Animal Liberation Through the Contributions of Neo-Insurrectionist Queers Download
Michael Loadenthal 81-109

Strategy and Tactic Analysis

Strategies for Liberation Download
Debra Erenberg 110-118


A Queer Approach to Speciesism Download
Nathan S Griffin 119-127

Film Reviews

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes Download
Jennifer Grubbs 128-132

Book Reviews

Animals, Equality and Democracy Download
Nina Varsava 133-139

Complete Printable Version

JCAS Volume 10, Number 3, Complete Version Part I Download
Richard White 1-118
JCAS Volume 10, Number 3, Complete Version Part 2 Download
Richard White 119-140

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