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UC Berkeley Conference – Intersectionality and Critical Animal Studies


Meg Perret, UC Berkeley student and ICAS intern, is organizing a one day conference at Berkeley on October 20, 2012 entitled “Intersectionality and Critical Animal Studies,” beginning at 11:00 am. The main goal of the conference is to place the question of the nonhuman animal in conversation with other academic work across disciplines. The conference will offer a constructive space open to a diversity of ideologies, backgrounds, academic disciplines, and life experiences. Discussions will likely center around the ways in which the social, historical, political, and economic dimensions of animality inform academic scholarship. Issues of race, gender, sexuality, class, nation, ability, species, and other forms of identity will be discussed as well. A. Breeze Harper and Vasile Stănescu, among others, are scheduled to speak at the event.

For more information, contact Meg at margaret.perret@berkeley.edu or Kim Socha at kimberlyannsocha@gmail.com.

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