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Stop Vivisection in the EU Zone

It’s time to bring things up to speed with the European initiative to stop vivisection in the EU. Granted, the matter is complex; oppression likes to traverse state borders and petition signing is quasi-activism at best. Still, be sure to go to http://www.stopvivisection.eu/en, read about the...
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Support Marie Mason Through her Jail Time

Yesterday was a US-wide call-in day for the moving of imprisoned activist Marie Mason from a high- to a low-security prison. Mason is a victim of the Green Scare, the process by which activists are labeled–both legally and by the media–as terrorists on a platform...
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ICAS Activist Carolyn Drew on Freedom of Species

Freedom of Species
  This Sunday, August 18, ICAS activist Carolyn Drew is being interviewed on the Melbourne-based radio show, Freedom of Species. She will discuss the annual killing of kangaroos mandated by the Australian government, and the movement tactics needed to stop it. Be sure to tune...
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